Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee Variety 6 Pack

Can’t decide between our cold brew coffees? Our variety pack is perfect for you. This mix pack offers a little bit of everything. Try our most popular cold brews - Good Morning Saigon, Coconut, and Coconut Matcha. You can have the best of three worlds. 

Our Good Morning Saigon coffee is a highly caffeinated full-bodied, smooth cold brew with a splash of organic condensed milk. One bottle packs in 300mg of caffeine equivalent to 3 cups of coffee!  

Our plant-based Coconut cold brew is light and creamy, with only 7grams of sugar. 

Our plant-based Coconut Matcha Cold Brew coffee is only available at Omni Bev. It is a blend of premium Japanese matcha and coconut milk, being a refreshingly flavorful brew.